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Meat & Butcher

Our master butchers elevate
butchery to an art.

The unmatched tenderness and flavor of Pomegranate meat is an extraordinary experience. Starting with only hand-selected USDA Prime and Choice cuts, our expert butchers carve with precision, following the correct grain and removing excess fat. They’ll even custom cut to your specifications. And with specialty items like Wagyu and dry-aged beef in our display, it’s a kosher meat paradise. No wonder our meat department inspires such devotion.

Prepared Foods

Staggering selection,
homemade daily.

Our world-class chefs create an astounding 175 entrees and specialty foods daily from scratch, with pure, natural ingredients. Rediscover old-world favorites like honey mustard corned beef, or impress guests with modern cuisine like …. And Shabbos recipes from kugels to kishka to chopped liver have been perfected by our traditional chefs, so tradition tastes even better.


Dock-to-door fresh.
Never frozen.

It’s no fish tale. Our fishmonger hand-picks the best catch each morning from the Fulton Fish Market, where world-renowned chefs stock their kitchens. Then we fillet and prepare it in-house to ensure the highest quality. Our fish specialists will help you choose from over 40 varieties, from Scottish salmon to wild-caught Greek bronzini, and our award- winning marinades and seasonings will inspire your own culinary creations.


Fresh from around the world
& around the corner.

We take the time to hand select the freshest fruits and vegetables, so you don’t have to. Our unrivaled variety means you’ll find everything under the sun, from local seasonal produce to exotic specialties.  Our packaged fruit is hand-cut daily, our juices are fresh squeezed. And once you make your selections, our vegetable “butcher” will expertly chop them for you. Consider us your farmers market with a gourmet twist.


Everything from scratch.
Baked daily.

Rich with the aroma of traditional baked challah, real New York-style bagels, classic rugelach and bistro-worthy French bread, our bakery is an irresistible destination. From special-occasion cakes to simple country loaves, we make everything the old-fashioned way. And with our sugar-free and fat-free alternatives, you can feel free to indulge.


Handcrafted in-house.
Over 40 varieties.

Our fromaggier makes our private-label cheeses on the premises with only the finest artisanal ingredients. Cheese-lovers will find everything from high-quality basics to exotic new flavors. With choices ranging from ….. to ….., your biggest problem will be how to choose.


Inspired creations
with a kosher twist.

Our sushi chef is a master of the craft, having apprenticed at several award-winning Japanese restaurants. From authentic classics to fusion fare, we use the freshest fish, produce and traditional Japanese ingredients. And if our extensive menu doesn’t feature your favorite roll, our chef will make it just for you.

Dips & Salads

Made with love,
and all-natural ingredients.

and all-natural ingredients. We may not have invented chummus, but we have perfected it. Our legendary line of homemade salads, dips and tapenades are made daily with fresh ingredients and zero preservatives. It’s not the fastest way, but it’s the only way that results in truly authentic flavor. So pass the pickled herring, and join us in celebrating the tastes we grew up with.

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